Raaft - Terrafina composite decking system

Raaft Non-Slip Composite Decking - Simple. Durable. Beautiful. Three virtues. One complete system

Raaft Terrafina is our range of non-slip composite decking.  Beneath the elegant lines of the finest wood polymer composite decking system available lies the unique composite decking substructure system that is suitable for almost any environment, including balconies and roof gardens.  Popular with developers, architects and landscape architects, the assembly of Terrafina decking boards is exceptionally simple using our “click and clamp” system, making installation fast and easy.

Disassembly and reassembly of our composite decking is equally straightforward if alterations or additions are required at a later date. The versatile nature of this wood polymer composite decking system enables it to be installed in a wide range of applications from roof terraces to boardwalks, pool surrounds to balcony decks.
Key features and benefits:

  • Excellent slip resistance – even in the wet.
  • Low maintenance – if it gets dirty just clean it using a pressure washer of mild detergent and brush.
  • High performance & durable material – will last for years without deterioration
  • Non-combustible – means it won’t catch fire
  • Fast and simple to install – save time and money on installation
  • No splinters or cracking – perfectly safe to walk on in bare feet


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